I am closed for Christmas and will not be posting any new orders until the 8th January. Happy holidays!


  • Dopamine Dressing

    Some thoughts on what clothes mean to me and the ups and downs to how I got to where I'm at with my silly, colourful wardrobe.
  • The commission that changed everything

    My work now is bright and positive, it is optimistic, it’s cooooolourful. It makes me happy. I’m creating what I want to create, what brings me joy...
  • Why I want the rainbow star too

    I want the rainbow star too! A post about getting older and letting go of sensible.
  • I’m dreaming of a colourful Christmas

    A bit of colourful Christmas inspo for you all from some indie businesses, makers and Instagram accounts that are inspiring me at the moment.
  • Tea Towel Kickstarter; What's it all about?

      I'm glad you asked. I've been getting crazy into surface pattern design. Like, I am addicted to it. But me being me, it's not enough to creat...
  • What do YOU want to be known for?

    So it's been a little while since I blogged here.. Part of the reason for that is that I really miss the wordpress interface and blogging here does...
  • Spring refresh

    I have had a bit of a crisis lately. Since announcing the new focus of my business back in February I’ve felt uninspired, limited and generally a...
  • March Meet the Maker Day 6: Full or Part Time

    This is a really long blog post to answer a really simple question. The yellow photo was taken for March Meet the Maker a couple of years ago, a...
  • March Meet the Maker Day 2: How You Started

     I very tentatively started VictoriaDraws in 2015 (??!!!!!!) but was called something different. After getting some artwork printed on a whim, I si...
  • Sink or Swim

      If you’re signed up to my mailing list you’ll already know that I’ve made what’s felt like a really big decision: From now on I will only be crea...
  • So fresh and so clean

    New site, new blog