Covid. GROSS. I'm only doing post office trips on a Friday, but if you need something mega urgently drop me a message at the checkout. MUAH.

Spring refresh

I have had a bit of a crisis lately. Since announcing the new focus of my business back in February I’ve felt uninspired, limited and generally a bit sad. I realised that what I needed was not to narrow my focus down, but to put myself at the front and centre of my business and the art I create.

I fell into the trap of comparing my work, my website, my Instagram feed to everyone else’s and found mine lacking. I changed what I was doing to make it more like everyone else and in doing that I lost myself. 

So from now on I will be illustrating absolutely anything I want. I will use whatever colours I want, I will post what I want. I will give myself the freedom to explore my creativity. I’m not going to put any pressure on myself by setting myself deadlines or tasks for the year ahead. Despite having been selling my artwork for two years I am still finding a way to consolidate artist and business owner, and I still have so much to learn. 

Plans for new products have been put on hold while I enter this period of FUN.