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I’m dreaming of a colourful Christmas

In Christmases past I’ve been really set on sticking to Christmassy reds and golds for my tree and general decor. But this year I’ve been super inspired by some indie makers who have shown me that multi-clashing-rainbow-colour is totally Christmas appropriate!

I plan to slowly colour up my Christmas decor over the next couple of years and are some of my fave decorations and inspiration from fellow indie businesses, just in time for #SmallBusinessSaturday too! Not all of these guys are accepting orders right now, but you can look and dream and plan, right?!

I’m obsessed with Haley Victory’s colour palettes. Neons, brights and flouro yumminess all mingle together and are an absolute feast for the eyes. Have a look at her shop here:

Fat Pom Poms makes totally joy inducing earrings and headbands and also WREATHS! Tinselly, rainbowy and just very very yay

The Squirrel Collective does this amazing thing of crocheting colourful baubles for the 100 day project. Rainbow crochet goodness; I want them all!

Weave and Pom Co make stunning wall hangings and their festive offerings are making me drool right now.

Here are some insta accounts that I’ve been paying very close attention to for inspo too!