So you want to know more, eh? Well, here’s a random number of facts about me to get us started:

1. I’m a self taught illustrator. I like to think that means I’m unfettered by traditional ‘rules’ though that doesn’t always work out as well as I’d like.

2. I discovered digital illustration on maternity leave, and started drawing on my phone, using a stylus, during night feeds and whenever else I could. One astigmatism later and you’ll be pleased to hear I’ve upgraded to an iPad and Apple Pencil.

3. Digital artwork opened up the possibility of surface pattern design. One of my FAVE things to do. When I get the time 😑

4. I’m a qualified primary school teacher, specialising in early years and dabbling in Music and Spanish. Speaking of which...

5. ¡Hablo Español! My family are Spanish although bro and I are Londoners born and bred. We also speak a mean Espanglish.

6. I love singing. Like LOVE it. I ran the choir when I was teaching and am part of a new local choir. It is like therapy, it is gorgeous. It is scientifically proven to be good for you. Come on, let’s go karaoke, I PROMISE, it’s FUN.

7. I need colour. I don’t just love it, I fully need it to thrive. I only just realised HOW important this is to me, and once I did I have been filling every inch of my life with it. 

8. I’m a serial shopper of indie and vintage clothing. Some of this passion for dressing the fuck up was channelled into the Pattern Party which I co-hosted with the all round brilliant Leonie Flower

9. You'll mostly find me on Instagram, make silly faces, hanging out with kid and occasionally sharing illustrations!

So yeah..! What did I miss? Anything else you want to know?! Who’s annoyed I got distracted before I got to 10?