So you want to know more, eh? Well, here’s a random number of facts about me to get us started:

1. I’m a self taught illustrator. I like to think that means I’m unfettered by traditional ‘rules’ though that doesn’t always work out as well as I’d like.

2. I worked as a primary school teacher for seven years before maternity leave and then a pandemic forced my hand to commit to my business. Before I discovered the possibility of making acrylic jewellery, I sold cards, prints, tea towels and wrapping paper. I still have some in stock 🫠

3. I used to work exclusively in watercolour and ink before I started messing with iPads and Apple pencils. Digital artwork opened up the possibility of surface pattern design. Still one of my favourite things to play with, and often the basis of inspiration for my jewellery.

4. ¡Hablo Español! My family are Spanish although bro and I are Londoners born and bred. We also speak a mean Espanglish.

6. I love singing. Like LOVE it. I ran the choir when I was teaching and I really miss that part of my job. It is like therapy, it is gorgeous. It is scientifically proven to be good for you. Come on, let’s go karaoke, I PROMISE, it’s FUN.

7. I live to dress and I dress to live. After wearing various shades of grey, beige and black during most of my 20s, I started messing around with vintage and indie brands inspired by some of the small bizzes I was getting to know on insta during lockdown. I went big on colour and pattern and clashing, but recently I’ve a new found love for black, meaning most of my fits alternate between kids tv presenter or casual goth.

Anything else you want to know? Come find me on insta and ask me!