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Why I want the rainbow star too

January. Always makes me look back, right? While I was looking back over the year I realised I learnt something new about myself in 2019. To help me explain, let me take you back to my teacher training year:

I was on placement in a Year 1 class and we’d always finish off the day by handing out stickers at home time. I’d come prepared with sheets of stars with smiley faces. Each sheet had lots of different coloured stars, and one, just one, rainbow coloured star. I bought like 20 packs of these, and I’ve still got most of them. Why? Because pretty much every kid who I’d ask to choose a sticker at home time would choose the rainbow star sticker. Of course they did. Who wouldn’t? Now I’m stuck with a dozen or so packs of stickers that are missing a rainbow star on each sheet.

Last year I learnt that I too want the rainbow star. Every day, all the time. I don’t want average. I don’t want nice or neutral. I want rainbow, I want sparkle, I want fun. Last year saw me sell or give away SO many of my high street clothes and instead shop second hand or indie. I’ve been advised to dress less like a Christmas tree and to maybe choose one or two of the things I really like, instead of wearing them all at once. Absolutely sod that. Never have I been more complimented on what I’m wearing, or felt so like myself wearing it. In my home I’m up-cycling, painting and festooning every nook and cranny with garlands and paper fans and colour. I want my home to be as bright and colourful as it is at Christmas. But what will I do at Christmas, I hear you ask? Turn it all up to 11. Naturally.

What I’m going to try and do this year is to find my rainbow stars in my artwork. What am I doing that is lighting me up inside, or making me laugh, or making OTHER people laugh? What is the idea or spark of inspiration that is making me go ABSOLUTELY YAAAS. Because those are the things I want to do all of the time. I don’t think they’ll make much sense to other people, I definitely don’t think they’ll ‘go’ together, but hey, neither do most of my outfits. And I am so ok with that.