Hat Icons of the 90s Illustration - A5 print

Hat Icons of the 90s Illustration - A5 print

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The 90s. There was neon. There was questionable headgear. There was proper rubbish kids TV. And I was hooked on it ALL. 

Each hat is inspired by or is my take on an iconic hat worn by one of my fave 90s film and tv characters. And if you look closely you might see some of the patterns from the tea towels snuck in there too. What can I say, I couldn’t resist.

This print was created as part of my 90s tea towel Kickstarter, as an extra reward for my backers because I got totes emosh about how well it was going. In my joy high at how well it was all going I ordered a smidge too many of these ridiculous hat prints.


  • Unframed  print
  • Hand signed
  • A5, 14cm x 21cm (other sizes available on request; lead time one week)


Giclee printing ensures that prints will not fade for many, many years if looked after correctly. Your print is best placed out of direct sunlight, and placed behind glass or acrylic to ensure that the colours stay as rich and vivid as the day you put it up. I sign each print by hand and is carefully packed for shipping.

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