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Crazy Cats Statement necklace - PRE-ORDER
Crazy Cats Statement necklace - PRE-ORDER
Crazy Cats Statement necklace - PRE-ORDER

Crazy Cats Statement necklace - PRE-ORDER

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PRE-ORDER: Please allow between 2-3 weeks for your order to arrive from the order date. All the pieces are ordered, cut and then assembled, which is quite a job, I can tell you.

Behold: loads of cats with their freaky eyes staring at you, in an array of pastel pinks and blues, with a cheeky bit of mirror and a little bloop of lilac. Literally dream 80s colour palette here.

The collective noun for a group of cats is a clowder. Although you can also say a clutter of cats, or a glaring of cats. I think all of those fit pretty perfectly with this necklace, don't you think? 

We have a lot of cats in our neighbourhood. The amount of times I've popped out to hang up some washing only to be met with a gang of wild eyed felines standing stock still, caught in the middle of a fight or a horrific mating ritual or fork knows what. But it's that stare. The cat stare. And now you can wear it. You're welcome.

These started life as a collaged birthday card me and my daughter made for my best mate. And now they're jewellery!  


  • Laser cut acrylic necklace made up of 39 separate pieces
  • Approx 10.5cm at widest point and 8.5cm at tallest point
  • Designed, assembled and hand painted by my own fair hand in Lahndan Tahn.

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