Clarissa’s Curtains Tea Towel - second
Clarissa’s Curtains Tea Towel - second

Clarissa’s Curtains Tea Towel - second

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This lovely was a sample, so the pattern doesn’t reach the edge, there’s maybe 1 inch of white all the way around. It’s hemmed on 2 sides rather than 4, but other than that she is good to go. Priced accordingly.

Oh my god.. CLARISSA. Where do I even begin? This girl was an absolute icon. Amazing clothes, GREAT accessories, unreal taste in music and the see through phone? I can’t even. 


  • 100% cotton
  • Designed and made in the UK
  • Wash at 30 to save the world and keep those colours looking sharp

This tea towel and its pals are the product of my super successful 2019 Kickstarter campaign; Fresh Prints. 

You know when you're doing the washing up and you're listening to the latest Throwback Thursday playlist and you think "argh if only my tea towels were as cool as my music!" Well I'd like to take a minute, just sit right there, and I'll tell you how I came to design these totally awesome tea towels.  

I don't even think they had tea towels this ludicrous in the 90s, although these colours and patterns were certainly splashed onto everything else, from bumbags to duvet covers. This is my homage to the 90s, and the TV of the 90s, my childhood, and a pit stop on a creative journey that has had me fall back in love with colour again. Whether you want something to jazz up your kitchen, or proclaim very loudly your 90s kid credentials these ridiculous tea towels are for you. 

They're bright and busy, so stains will be easy to hide, and they are utterly utterly brilliant. To channel Mari Kondo, if she too attended Bayside High; wouldn't it be great if even your tea towels bought you the most immense joy?