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Maximalist Foliage - unframed giclee print

Maximalist Foliage - unframed giclee print

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Maximalist or minimalist? I am most defiantly, undoubtedly the former, although it’s taken me a good old while to realise and to lean in. Why is my house always so messy? I’m a maximalist, it’s fine! Why are my clothes spilling out of my wardrobe (err.. falling off my chairdrobe) I’m a maximalist, dahhling, it’s just how I roll!

Proclaim your maximalism with this beautiful and slightly cheeky print. Featuring brightly coloured, imagined tropical foliage, and a TIGER.


  • Unframed print
  • Hand signed
  • A4, 21cm x 30cm


Giclee printing ensures that prints will not fade for many, many years if looked after correctly. Your print is best placed out of direct sunlight, and placed behind glass or acrylic to ensure that the colours stay as rich and vivid as the day you put it up. I sign each print by hand and is carefully packed for shipping.

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